Arriving in Italy at the end of May you can smell summer just around the corner. The crowds haven't arrived yet but the streets are certainly ready. I have fond Memories of Venice as it had been a place of younger adventures many years ago. It still remains as beautiful and magical as ever.

 Having my early coffee whilst everyone was on their way to work It's amazing to me to see this island fully functional with all the small alleyways its crazy to see how this city is still in tact. Getting lost  within it all is a  must.

Stopping  mid afternoon to take have a long awaited refreshment in St Marks square where you can watch the crowds go by whilst being served by the Italian waiters who look like they belong back 1950s Film. 

Whilst in Venice jump on a ferry to Burano and Murano  where you will be taken on a colourful journey through the canals and picturesque streets. 

You can stop here for lunch as they are famous for their seafood and their handmade lace and bright coloured streets .Whilst over in Murano you can pick up some hand blown glass and other crafts. 



Helena Hancock