Lake Como

Being two years since my last visit to this enchanted place on this lake one which feels like you are taken on a journey of winding never-ending roads.Being a nifty little Fiat we took the opportunity to drive around and see what this place has too offer.

Being late May the weather was very unpredictable raining some days and others were full of sunshine however waking up here is one of those special moments  as the lake reflects the morning light and the ferries start their journey across the sleepy waters. 

Spending the afternoon in Belliago a favourite where the rain slowly makes its way over the surrounding mountains stunning to watch over a nice glass of red. Como is relaxing as the pace slows down which is refreshing after being in the bigger cities it gives you chance to stop and reflect . The Final day spent exploring the neighboring areas visit  VILLA D'ESTE   for lunch and take a walk in the surrounding gardens... pure bliss.

Helena Hancock