Where do I begin? Rome is by far one place that stands out  in between all the incredible historic places of the world. Whenever you walk the streets you feel as tho you are walking through an open air museum.

With everything Italy has to offer it has to be one of my favourite cities. Firstly being its historic past, the city has maintained and preserved so much of this over the years my appreciation has grown for this city whilst returning each time.

The food,shopping and the bars, Hotel De Russie is a favourite and the amazing monuments full of endless tourists which can get very tiresome after a long day on the feet!

 However Rome has a lot to offer outside of its bustling center you can escape to the hills which is relaxing on a hot summers day and always a little cooler .If you jump on a train from the center its only four stops and and you will find yourself in Frascati an area which is famous for its food and world famous wine.

Staying here is quite a travelers paradise gone are the pickpockets and the frantic ways of the city  you get a real glimpse of the true Rome if you are wanting to see something a little of the tourist track you can walk the surrounding  villages and there are two large lakes which you can swim or rent a sailing boat. Don't forgot to try some of the world famous Porchetta from the many vans that sit on the side of the road

Buon Appititte!

Helena Hancock