Sicilian Summer

As it was my first trip to this island I was very excited we took a flight to Catania and picked up a car and began our journey. Starting out in Taormina  which is quite a large city we began our coastal drive. With stunning views overlooking the ocean and smaller beaches. 

 Staying at the beautiful hotel called Terra Rossa the location was perfect with views across the Isola Bella a stunning spot for the morning swim. Surrounded by beautiful Gardens and a terrace to finish up the day with a refreshment at sun down. 

Shopping and food is great in this city they  if you need to pick up any summer accessories or that perfect dress for the evening ahead your options are endless and shops stay open late into the evening through out summer. The square of Toarmina is beautiful at Dusk and is a great viewing point to see the city and surroundings

After spending two nights we continued on to Syracusa which is a famous city for its baroque, arriving mid afternoon was pure bliss as the streets were quite empty after lunch whilst the locals have their afternoon siesta. This being my favourite time of the day as the madness slows down and everyone rests after a long lunch. A meal they take very seriously, Sicilians are very famous for their food it really shows being on a island there is lots of fresh fish and great  produce which is full of flavour. Whilst in town we stumbled across a great restaurant which we happened to visit twice called Sicilia In Tavola book in advance as this place fills up quickly.

The last few days were spent in the southern tip of the island where we stayed in a beautiful location which was off the beaten track a little town of Marzamemi which is a famous fishing village known for it tuna. Here you can find a relaxed little town where the fisherman are really what is all about there are lovely drives which you will find yourself passing many farming spots of the famous cherry tomatoes and you can find a few good swimming spots along the coastline. Restaurant Campisi is defiantly worthy of a visit they have a store at the front where you can pick up some of their own produce and then the restaurant sits on the beachfront. Great Sicilian food which won't disappoint! 

As our journey contiued we stumbled across a newly opened hotel one which was in a a renovated castle looking over the old tuna farm which was once fully operational. With ocean views the hotel has been fully refurbished and the interiors tastefully decorated and great to relax after our big journey.

  We took our last day to venture up to the turkish steps which is bit of a drive roughly 3 hours but well worth it as the beauty in this beach is outstanding you can walk the cliff edges but be careful as it does get windy. If you can fit in a swim the water at this beach the water is amazing but arrive early to avoid the crowds. 


Helena Hancock