This little Island has got to be my very favourite in Italy its understated unlike its slightly more glamorous sibling Capri further down the Med. In ancient times the island was called Tyrrhenia. Legend says Ponza is what is left of the lost island as it was connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land which sank into the sea. The rustic island was once a part of Greece and has a very interesting past including pirates however nowadays its a haven for all during the  summer months.

Its here you really can relax and experience what the summer life has to offer as it hasn't changed over the years, Its quite small you don't need much to get around the port is buzzing all morning long  there is one narrow road who everyone is happy to share which leads you to the center by foot. Here you can get a fresh pizza or pastries and the local deli stock everything you need for a day on the water.

Highly recommend taking out an inflatable which you can rent at the port, Take yourself over to Palmarola where you will experience the island  of another kind the water is crispy clear and the island has a spot where you can stop for lunch.

Summer at its best.    

Helena Hancock