Ostuni is also known as the White city as its covered in white walls and there is an endless array of cactus lining the streets it's one of my favourite towns in Italy by far located 8km from the coast. Being there in the heat of the Summer did mean we had to take a few breaks in the rooftop bars which you have endless views across the Olive trees and the Ocean which  magnificent view on a summer afternoon. 

The town has a population of around 32,000 but this can reach closer to 100,000 in the summer. Ostuni is a producer of Olive oil and wine and you can see why as there is an endless array of trees everywhere you go.


There is a few spots which include the Ostuni Cathedral which is in the main square as you walk the streets you will find endless beauty within these old streets which have been given this town character over the years. 


Helena Hancock